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» Manuf. PN: 22121

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Brand New Australia stock Yale Wireless Pet Immune PIR - MPN: 22121

Additional Information


  • Learn/Test Button
    • To enter Test mode: Press once in Standby mode.
  • The LED will light up for two seconds whenever a movement is detected. Test mode lasts for 3 minutes.
  • LED Indicator
  • Knockouts for Wall / Corner Mounting
  • Jumper 2= Supervision Enable / Disable
  • Jumper 3= Movement High/Low Sensitivity
  • Tamper Switch with spring
  • 3x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery
  • Top &, Bottom Cover securing screw hole

Notes on pet immunity

  • Suitable for use with a single pet weighting less than 27Kg. It is not suitable for use in rooms where the pet can climb onto furniture. Pet standing on furniture will appear taller and larger to the PIR hence triggering a false alarm. If the Pet PIR is false triggering, please use DC to secure the area instead.
  • When mounted at 1.9M height, the typical detection range is 12M and gives a pet immune range of 7M.
  • As the PIR is placed higher from the ground, the pet immune range will increases, Placing the PIR closer to the ground will reduce the pet immune range.
  • For taller pet, you maybe required to place the PIR higher up as a result. Please adjust according to the environment and test thoroughly before commissioning.
  • Please note the blind spot under the PIR increases with mounting height.


Sleep Timer
  • The PIR features an automatic &ldquo,sleep time" of approximately one minute for power conservation. After transmitting a detected movement, the PIR will not retransmit for one minute. Any further movement detected within this one-minute sleep period will extend the sleep time by another minute. Disable the sleep timer temporarily by entering the test mode. See Test Mode section.
LED indicator
  • Off: Normal operation
  • LED flash (2 sec) - Detects motion during Low battery, -Tamper activated or Test mode. -Spring tamper switch is activated.

Supervision Enable/Disable Jumper 2

  • If enabled, the PIR will automatically transmit Supervisory signals periodically to the Control Panel at random intervals. The Control Panel needs to enable supervision before it can monitor these periodic signals.
  • Jumper On= Supervision Disabled (Default)
  • Jumper Off= Supervision Enabled


  • Environmental conditions: -10c to 40c, relative humidity 85% non-condensing. Indoor use only
  • Radio: 433MHz FM

Movement High/Low Sensitivity Jumper 3

  • Jumper On= Increase PIR sensitivity to movement
  • Jumper Off= Decrease sensitivity (Factory Default)

Programming &, installation

  • Program your PIR before installation and test afterwards. Please see your current system instruction book.

Pack contents

  • 1 x PIR motion detector.
  • 4 x wall plugs &, screws.
  • 3 x 1.5V AAA alkaline cells (pre-fitted).

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