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Brand New Australia stock Yale Wireless Smoke Detector - MPN: 22145

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  • Learn/Test Button
  • LED Light
  • Battery Compartment
  • Mounting Holes
  • Mounting Bracket

Programming &, Location

  • Program your smoke detector before installation and test afterwards. Please see your current system instruction book for initialisation and programming.
  • It is recommended that the installation site is in the centre area of the ceiling.
  • Do not locate the detector in the following locations: The Kitchen &ndash, Smoke from cooking might cause an unwanted alarm.
  • conditioning equipment &ndash, air drafts from them may affect the sensitivity of the detector.
  • In the peak of an &ldquo,A" frame type of ceiling, near ceiling beams or over a cabinet &ndash, stagnant air in these areas may affect the sensitivity of the detector


  • Testing the Smoke Detector
    • By pressing the Test button on the Smoke Detector, you can test if the Smoke Detector is functioning normally.
    • If the Smoke Detector functions normally, the LED will be on for 2 seconds. Then it will sound a 2-tone beep. If the buzzer sounds the 2-tone beep three times, it means the &ldquo,Optical Chamber" on the Smoke Detector is either dirty or out-of-order. If the LED doesn't light and no beep is sounded, the device could be out-of-order or battery drained.
  • Detecting the Smoke
    • Once the concentration of the smoke exceeds the set threshold value, the Smoke Detector transmits a signal to the control panel. After the transmission is completed, the smoke detector then activates its local built-in buzzer with the LCD flashing. It will check the smoke concentration every 10 seconds, and should it be over the threshold it will continue the local siren warning.
    • Once below the threshold, the smoke detector will stop sounding and resume standby. Alternatively the user can stop the alarm by:
      • 1) Pressing the Test button on the smoke detector will silence the detector's built-in siren for 10 minute (not the control panel).The LED will continue to flash if somke still exceeds the threshold. After 10 minutes the siren will resume sounding if the smoke concentration is still too high.
      • 2) Disam the system to stop the fire event on the control panel.
  • Recalibration of Smoke Detector
    • As the operation condition of the smoke detector may vary after being installed for some time, you may wish to take a new reference value to recalibrate the smoke detector. To do this:
    • Press and hold the TEST button for 10 seconds until the LED starts to flash. The detector will sound 2 short beeps then start the recalibration which may take up to 20 minutes. The smoke detector will also recalibrate itself after battery changes.


  • Environmental conditions: -10c to 40c, relative humidity 85% non-condensing. Indoor use only
  • Radio: 433MHz
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Pack contents
    • 1 x Smoke detector (with Bracket)
    • 2 x wall plugs &, screws
    • 3 x AA Alkaline batteries

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